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Parish Hall


Please read the Parish Hall Hire Rules & Regulations

St John Vianney Catholic Church is in the heart of Hillsborough and is happy to provide affordable friendly spaces which serve our local and wider community. Our main hall is a beautiful, multi-functional space with a glorious high vaulted ceiling, wood paneling and lots of light. It has a sprung wooden floor and a large raised stage.

PLEASE NOTE: You must allow set up time and pack/clean up in your booking. Billing is charged from the time you access the Hall to the time you exit, and interruption of other Hall hirers will result in penalty charges and exclusion from hiring our premises in the future.

Booking Rate & Hire Conditions

Day Time Hourly Rate: $50 per Hour plus $100 bond and $25 inspection fee applies.

Evening Flat Rate (6 PM to Midnight): $500 plus $200 bond and $25 inspection fee applies.

  • Bookings are only confirmed by the office and upon receipt of payment. Please check availability first to confirm booking.

  • Please leave the space as you found it.  Ensure the hall and kitchen are left in the same condition as you find them. 

  • Make sure to book enough time to set up, clean up and pack down, the space. No time overruns are allowed without prior permission

  • The bond will be returned within 10 working days from the day of your event. 

  • $25 inspection fee goes to the parish appointed person who checks the condition of the venue after every event. The cost of any cleaning, damage, rubbish disposal, etc that is required after your event and will be deducted from the bond. 

Any breach of the above rules and conditions will involve the immediate suspension of this contract and new arrangements will need to be agreed between the parties.

  • We may refuse to accept future bookings 

  • We may close the event 

  • You may have to pay additional costs 

  • You may lose all of the bond

Cleaning and Rubbish Removal

You are responsible for: 

  • Clean the venue after each event.

  • Provide your own cleaning equipment, dishwashing materials and tea towels. 

  • Ensure proper sweeping thought out the hall and kitchen. Clean properly all spills and take the rubbish with you. 

  • Return all chairs in the hall corner and arrange accordingly, this includes returning tables to the storage cupboard. 

  • Take ALL rubbish away with you (please do not leave garbage on the parish grounds) 

Before Leaving the Hall:

You are responsible for securing the facility at the end of your event. 

  • Close and secure all windows and doors 

  • Turn off all lights, heaters, warmers, stove and oven at the wall.

  • Check bolts are in place on all outer doors 

  • Check with the Parish Secretary or Hall supervisor about the locking procedures 

General Booking Conditions

  • The hall kitchen: NOT to be used for cooking food even for selling or catering. The hall kitchen facilities are only for reheating food or keeping food warm. 

  • Alcohol: You must have parish permission and provide a license for alcohol to be sold. You may supply alcohol for the event at your own risk. 

  • The parish is a SMOKE FREE premises. Please NO smoking, no candles, no caked flames, no fog machines and like on both indoors and outdoors. 

  • Please keep the walls free of damage, pins, nails, Sellotape, glue, etc. Hooks are already available on some wall surfaces. 

  • NO glitter, confetti and/or similar permitted. 

  • Toilets must be left as you find them, i.e. clean and tidy at the end of your event. 

  • Any complaints regarding excessive noise will result for the bond money will NOT be refunded and may affect you for any future bookings you may wish to make. 

  • Other rooms: Your contact to hire is ONLY for the premises of the main HALL. You and your guests must not use the other rooms within the premises. 

  • A cancellation fee of 50% will be paid if you cancel the confirmation booking within one month of the event. Exceptional cases will be considered at the discretion of the parish priest. 

  • Loss and/or damage: All breakages or damages must be reported to the Parish Office as soon as possible. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to any property of yours or any guests you bring to the venue. 

  • Supervision of children: You are responsible for supervising children at your event at all times. 

  • Any facilities that are needed for adult supervision for children such as BOUNCY CASTLE or any form of amusement games are not allowed. Please consult the office.  

  • Parking: Your booking does not give you exclusive rights to the parking area. The available parking space is shared by all groups using the car park. Please Park considerately. Other groups do not want to be disturbed to move blocked-in cars. St John Vianney Catholic Church, Parish and School are not responsible for anyone parking contrary to Traffic Department Regulations, damage or theft of cars or property belonging to you and your guests. For your own protection, remind your guests to lock their cars at all times. 

  • Fire Safety: You are responsible for ensuring that the person in charge of the function is familiar with the evacuation procedures in case of fire. Fire exits are well marked and the main assembly point is the main car park. In case of fire, evacuate immediately, call 111. 

Safeguarding: St John Vianney Parish is committed to keeping our people safe:

Children, youth and vulnerable adults. It is therefore important that you and your guests behave appropriately and in turn, are not subject to exploitation, harassment or abuse of any kind. Any incidents that may occur must be reported to the police.

The following are not allowed within the premises: