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Te Koropiko The Liturgy Centre Newsletter

Te Koropiko – Keeping you in the Loop’ is the newsletter of the Liturgy Centre of the Auckland Diocese.

We hope that this newsletter keeps you ‘in the loop’ with information related to liturgy matters.

It contains  information and dates about events which are coming up, plenty to put in your diary.


St John Vianney
Letter outlining the options regarding the lingering building issue

Fr Francis outlined the options regarding the lingering building issue in the letter below.  You are invited to read and pray about it.  The finance committee, parish pastoral council and Fr Francis would like to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Enrolled parishioners will be asked to vote on the 2 possible actions they would like to see the parish move towards.  This in turn will help the finance committee come to a decision.  Votes will only be accepted at the AGM on Sunday 7 July.  

If you have any questions, please feel free speak to Fr Francis.

Letter to the parish June 2018


St John Vianney
2018 AGM is now Sunday 8 July

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the St John Vianney 2018 AGM will now be held on Sunday 8 July instead of 24 June. 

Every parishioner is invited to attend the AGM after the 9am mass in the hall.  

The Parish Pastoral Council be electing new members to join them.  If you wish to know more about serving the parish on the Parish Pastoral Council or have any questions about it, please speak to Fr Francis. 


St John Vianney
AGM Announcement

The Parish 2018 AGM will be held in June. The final date will be announced by Fr Francis Poon on Sun 3rd June. The agenda would be the reports from the Parish Pastoral Council, the Finance Committee, referendum about the Compensation and the appointment/ election of the PPC for the next term of 2 years.  Parishioners who would like to like to stand for election or would like to propose a nomination to the PPC should  contact the Parish office.

Kelsie Oldehaver
Enrolment in the Parish Roll

The Parish has grown since the last parish roll was updated 5 years ago. Steve Barry, Chairman of the PPC announced on Sunday 20th May that enrolment forms are available to enable parishioners to enrol themselves. Those who are regular participants in the St John Vianney Church activities and masses should enrol. It is also mandatory for older parishioners as their details may have changed since the last update. The Parish records will be updated to ensure that all Parishioners are represented and advised on issues relating to our Parish community. Parishioners collected forms after the Sunday morning service and completed forms were dropped in the dropbox. Some took the forms home to return them next Sunday. 

Please complete the form below and submit. You can also fill the physical form and drop it in the box placed in the church foyer. Or you may scan the completed form and email it to

Please complete the form even if you are already enrolled on the parish roll. If you have any queries, please contact the parish office 09 624 3440 or email

Parish Roll Form

St John Vianney